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Fine Paper makes all the Difference!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Over the many years of designing and crafting quilling works, the paper we use makes all the difference.

Fine quality paper produces naturally beautiful works, as they have the right paper texture and weight.

The colors are vivid and vibrant, does not fade over time and will not bleach when comes into contact with water.

The most amazing part of paper quilling  is how beautiful coil patterns are formed naturally, springing out when we release the strip of paper. 

To get the best coil patterns,  the  paper strips must be cut along the grain.

Check this link to understand what paper grain means :

Elements of Fine quality Paper

- Right weight and texture

- Vivd and vibrant colors

-  Color does not fade over time

- No bleach when exposed to


- The strips are cut along the


Fine paper makes your masterpiece unique and different. Below is an example of a quilled floral masterpiece for an oval gift frame.

The fine paper has a slight gloss on one side.

So remember,  "Fine quality paper makes all the difference" .

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